Embraer Flies the E195-E2 ahead of schedule


Ten months after thefirst flight of the E190-E2, today Embraer performed the inaugural flight ofanother member of the E2 family, ahead of schedule. This Wednesday, theE195-E2, the largest aircraft of the family–and the most efficient aircraft inthe single aisle jet market—took off for the first time. The flight, originallyscheduled for the second half of the year, happened just three weeks after theroll out.


“With a unique level ofefficiency, the E195-E2 offers our airline partners the opportunity to developnew markets with greater profitability without compromising unit costcompetitiveness. It’s a profit-hunting machine,” said John Slattery, President& CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation.

With a 20% lower costper trip and a cost per seat similar to larger aircraft, the E195-E2 is theideal aircraft for regional business growth as well as to complement existinglow-cost business plans and mainline fleets. The airplane will save up to 24%in fuel and 20% in maintenance costs per seat, when compared to the currentE195.

The E195-E2 departed at11:22 a.m., local time, from Embraer’s facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil,and flew for two hours, beginning the aircraft certification campaign. Staffedby pilots Márcio Brizola Jordão and José Willi Pirk, as well as flightengineers Celso Braga de Mendonça and Mario Ito, the flight crew evaluatedaircraft performance, flight quality and systems behavior, such as autopilot,fly-by-wire in direct mode, and the landing gear retraction.

“With 1.4 meters longerwingspan than the E190-E2, the E195-E2 becomes the aircraft with the highestaspect ratio among single-aisle jets thus increasing fuel efficiency” explainedLuís Carlos Affonso, COO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “We also appliedexperience from over 17 million hours of flight and 100 jet airline customersto develop the E195-E2 with the most competitive life cycle cost in theindustry.”

Embraer will use twoaircraft for the E195-E2 certification campaign. The first prototype will beused for the aerodynamic and performance tests. The second prototype, whichwill also make its inaugural flight by the end of this year, will be used forthe validation of maintenance tasks and of the interior. The E195-E2 will entryinto service in the first half of 2019, with Azul Brazilian Airlines. 

The E195-E2 has threeadditional rows of seats, when compared to the current generation E195, and itcan be configured with 120 seats in two classes of service, or up to 146 in asingle class. The aircraft also has a significant increase in range of 450nautical miles, which allows trips of up to 2,450 nautical miles.

The E2 has accrued 275firm orders, being 90 for the E195-E2, in addition to 415 options, purchaserights, and letters-of-intent, totaling 690 commitments from airline customersand leasing companies. Currently, the E-Jets are operating with about 70customers in 50 countries, being the global leader in the segment of aircraftwith up to 130 seats, with over 50% market share.


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