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China aviation News (Can News) is a subsidiary of China aviation newspaper (Can Press) of aviation industry in the first News portal, in both Chinese and English, the main contents include: aviation manufacturing, aviation, military defense, MRO, general aviation, fashion flight, aviation colleges, wealth, people, life, aviation atlas, network video, planning project and exhibition activities and so on.The site was created in 2009 and currently has about 200 daily updates.

CAN Press is one of China's top aviation news and information disseminators, providing news and information on aviation and upstream and downstream industry chain, as well as all-media communication and service.China aviation newspaper (CAN Press) has a week 3 period, the circulation of nearly 100000, more than 1 million Chinese aviation newspaper readers and its series ZiBao, Air China news network (www.cannews.com.cn), high-end magazines flight to fly around the world, air/events live coverage, network video news programs, such as series, network video broadcast authority, professional media products.

Air China newspaper (CAN Press) rely on deep industry resources, senior professional team and a wide range of strategic partners both at home and abroad, the host and participate in professional exhibitions, to provide professional consulting, brand communication, media, public relations, graphic and multimedia design and other services.

President:Sun Wei

Editor in chief:Yiqun Wei

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Please call the office for consultation or email to wanglan@cannews.com.cn. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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